Six Comfort Foods To Get You Through Winter in NYC

The best meals for cozy nights are at The Restaurants.

There’s a reason people want comfort foods. Triggering the brain’s reward systems, they lower the level of hormones that cause stress and spur the release of those that regulate pleasure. It’s no surprise that we would have stronger cravings for these foods in colder months, when we are in need of some emotional warming. No surprise, either, that The Restaurants at Hudson Yards offer a variety of dishes that are sure to comfort eaters of all types:


1. The World's Most Famous Roasted Baby Cauliflower

Winter can be a tough season for vegetable lovers, but for anyone who can’t wait for peak summer deliciousness, there’s Miznon and Naked Tomato. Both offer Chef Eyal Shani’s signature dish—golden and crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside.

2. Donburi

The savory rice dish is one of Japan’s most beloved comfort foods. At Kamasu, it comes topped with your choice of seared salmon, amberjack tartare or BBQ eel, and accompanied by an assortment of condiments like spicy cucumbers, oshinko, tamago, torched pickled onion, and puffed koji. 

3. A Full (and Filling) Breakfast

Queensyard’s modern take on the centuries-old, pre-hunt British meal has many ways to hit the spot, as it features fried eggs, tomato, bacon, beans, mushrooms, sausage, and toast.

4. Beef Short Rib

This dish is the epitome of comfort food for any meat lover, and Peak’s version takes it to new heights, literally and figuratively! It’s served with black truffles, beef jam and slices of toasted oat bread, not to mention heavenly views from the 101st floor.

5. Albóndigas con Sepia y Patatas Fritas

Ibérico pork meatballs with cuttlefish, tomato sauce, and crispy potatoes? Yes, please! This is the kind of cooking that comes straight from abuela’s (grandmother’s) kitchen, when it isn’t coming from Spanish Diner’s.

6. Classic Mac and Cheese

No comfort food roundup is complete without this belly-warmer, and at Ana Bar & Eatery, the market table’s version with shells delivers maximum creaminess in every forkful.


Winter is also the perfect time to gather friends or colleagues for a toasty and toast-filled Happy Hour. Fortunately, you need look no further than The Restaurants for great drink specials and bar bites.


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