The Storyteller

Chef José Andrés invites you on a journey of delectable discovery

Chef José Andrés first made landfall in the United States in 1990 in New York. He could not have guessed that nearly three decades later he would return to the Big Apple to open a remarkable hub for Spanish food, culture and art on the city’s West Side.

Hudson Yards will be the new home of Chef Andrés’ most ambitious creation – Mercado Little Spain – a food bazaar and world market representative of Spain itself, complete with the artistic, quirky and entertaining spirit that is synonymous with the chef’s own persona.

His hope? To share what he deems as “the Real Spain” of his youth with every New Yorker and world citizen – to infuse a visitor’s experience with a part of his past, and in that unity create extraordinary harmony.

Restaurants are the entertainment of the 21st Century. When you mix retail with chefs, restaurants, beautiful architecture, you have a perfect meeting point – that’s where things happen, and where you want to be.

For José Andrés, Hudson Yards is the meeting point between past, present and future. It is a cultural focal point where retail connects with restaurants, iconic architecture edges sprawling open space, and inventive landmarks define the boundaries between city, parks and river. With this kinetic energy, Hudson Yards is the ideal setting for a destination that celebrates Spain’s intrepid exuberance.