So You’re Thinking of Proposing at Hudson Yards ...

Here’s how four people successfully popped the question

If you’re planning to make it forever, you should have a good origin story. That starts with a unique setting, and Hudson Yards has one or two.... In honor of Valentine’s Day, these engagement pros explain how to make the moment perfect. (Of course, everyone said “yes.”)

Dae + Duri

“Our first date was on the High Line. I wanted to come full circle for the proposal, but I also wanted it to be more exciting than just a return trip. Vessel is next to the High Line but adds that dramatic element. The architecture is stunning, and the views are a bonus!

“I wanted pictures, so I recruited friends to meet us at the top west side of Vessel. Of course, things didn’t go as planned. I thought I could guide Duri to the proper location, but as soon as we got on the stairs she started to wander off! I had to keep texting my friends to make sure they stayed hidden but close. We ended up on the east side. Luckily, I managed to make eye contact with a friend hiding behind the stairs, just before I got down on my knee.

“In the end, everything worked out: a proposal with spectacular views of New York, and the photos to prove it. The moral: Make sure you pick friends who are good at hide and seek!” - Dae

Garvenchy + Nehemie

“I picked Vessel for three reasons: 1. I’d seen all the wonderful photos taken there on Instagram. 2. It’s a hot spot, and we’d not yet been there. 3. I wanted a place with an amazing view. I checked the weather, and although the temperature was on the colder side, it was supposed to be sunny. I told Nehemie that I booked a photoshoot for us—she’s a model, so that’s not out of the ordinary. Of course, the photographer had a head’s-up about the proposal surprise.

“We had to wait in line a bit longer than we had expected, but that actually worked out well, because the sun was setting, which made the pictures even more beautiful. It really was a unique moment: the atmosphere, the view, and so many tourists from around the world to share it with us"

“So my recipe is this: sunny day, 30-45 minutes before sunset, and your best outfit. That’s all you need for a breathtaking proposal.” - Garvenchy

David + Maricella

“Everyone goes to the cliché New York spots; I wanted to be the first to propose on Vessel. My son’s nickname is “Superman,” so I had a shirt made for him that said, “Will you marry Papi,” with a picture of Superman holding a ring. I made up an excuse for going to New York—so she had no idea of what I had planned. Everything was perfect until my girl lost her phone at the Top of the Rock, and it felt like the end of the world. I didn’t know how we’d get to Vessel for our 4 pm entry. Luckily, we found the phone, and all was saved.

“When we got to Hudson Yards, I took my son to the bathroom to sneak on the proposal shirt. Then we made the trek to the top of Vessel, caught our breath—and the rest is history. Vessel was everything I hoped it would be and more. Perfection!” - David

Albert + Rachel

“I thought Hudson Yards—and more specifically the sequin wall—would be a special place to propose. It’s such a beautiful venue. A month before the date, I reached out to the Hudson Yards team to help coordinate since I wanted to hire an artist to write 'Will You Marry Me Rachel Chehova?' and so I needed to make sure no one else was writing on the wall at that moment.”

“Everything went exactly according to plan and Hudson Yards and their staff did an amazing job facilitating the moment, making it an unbelievable and pain-free experience. Afterwards we took pictures on Vessel and had celebratory drinks at Queensyard.” - Albert


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