Self Care Tips from Sundays' Founder: At Home Meditation Guide

For starters, the nail studio is offering its guided meditations for free

During more usual times, clients who come to Sundays Nail Salon can listen to a guided meditation as they get their nails done. “A manicure is one of the few times you can’t play with your phone,” says founder Amy Ling Lin. “It’s a perfect opportunity to take a moment for yourself. And for those who have trouble sitting still, meditating is a different way to ‘do’ something.”

As these are not exactly normal times, Sundays will be offering its guided meditations at no charge (here). Lin has some more advice on how to use meditation to smooth out a bit at home, too.

On the best way to start meditating:

“Meditation can be daunting if it's not already part of your practice. So start small: listen to our guided meditations or use an app like Headspace or Simple Habit. Or try listening to music or just breathing. You never know what will work for you.”

On why now is the best time to start meditating:

“The overwhelming news about COVID-19 and the economy is worrying, if not downright panic-inducing. Meditating is calming because it keeps you in the present. The current situation is difficult but we can get through it, one day at a time.”

On taking care of yourself:

“Make a plan—and a timeline. Use the extra time most of us find ourselves trying to fill to form a new habit or start an at-home project. For instance, sign up for an online yoga program (Lululemon offers free online yoga tutorials) or an online cooking class. Whatever you choose, be sure to track it, because it’s important to see progress. It’s very important for each of us to stay physically and mentally strong, so we can then be there for others.”


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