Self-Care Tips from Sundays: The Best At-Home Mani-Pedi

How to keep your nails beautiful and polished when you can’t go to the salon

While you’re staying home to flatten the curve, it can be helpful—even essential—to do small things to keep your spirits high. Like, for instance, painting your nails. And if you can’t go to the Sundays nail studio, you can still benefit from its expertise. Here’s founder Amy Ling Lin on the best ways to keep your fingers and toes looking smart and feeling good.

On setting yourself up for success:

First of all, it’s important to take good care of your cuticles. They set a good foundation for polish. We’ve begun to offer two new non-toxic cuticle oils on our website—one discourages nail biters; the other treats dry cuticles. Besides that, you likely have the one other item you need to make the experience feel special and professional lying around your house: a lemon. Use a wedge to help soften and sanitize your nails.

On getting the polish to look (almost) as good as we do at the salon:

Definitely use a base coat before and a top coat after; they’ll both keep your nails healthy and make the polish last longer. When you’re done you can air dry, of course, but if you’re in a rush, one of our quick-drying oils cuts drying time in half. And here’s a secret tip: Applying avocado and coconut oils to your nails halfway through the drying process moisturizes cuticles and keeps the polish from getting dented.

On the benefits of essential oils:

If you have a diffuser, by all means pour in a few drops of essential oils to create the required soothing, pampering mood. Oils are also nice for pedicures, specifically a few drops in a foot tub for a foot soak. And some drops in your bath will help to ensure a good night’s sleep.

And finally—a little help for all that hand-washing:

It may be necessary, but it’s not at all easy on your skin. I suggest using a very light lotion rather than one that is heavy or greasy. Also, wear disposable gloves whenever you go outside to minimize the need for hand sanitizer, though make sure to wash your hands again once you’re back indoors.

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