One-Stop, Back-to-School Shopping at Hudson Yards

Find the perfect first-day outfit, and all the supplies your kids need.

And just like that summer is almost over. Console your kids with trendy threads, stylish backpacks and accessories all under one roof, at The Shops.

For the elementary school set

Uniqlo has clothes in every color of the rainbow, and then some, all comfy enough for the young ones and cute enough for their parents. You’ll find zip-up hoodies, Peanuts-branded wear and easy joggers. And because who doesn’t like puppies—and it is going to be cold again someday!—check out H&M’s adorable canine-forward sweater.

For big kids

Athleta has tweens covered, with an on-trend tennis skirt and a t-shirt that pairs with everything. Lululemon does the same for teens, with leggings and super-cool sneakers. Of course, no one ever went wrong sticking with the classics: a pair of Levi’s 501s and a jean jacket and your high schooler is good to go.

For a well-accessorized school day

H&M has great bags and accessories for the littlest kids, featuring tie-dye and bright colors. Pack it with a dog coin purse at PiQ. (Older kids can carry lunch money in their own pooch pouch, a bigger Boston Terrier Zip Wallet.) And for the coolest school supplies, head to Muji for retractable highlighters, colorful gel ink pens, a case to keep them, and cat-shaped sticky notes (because everything can’t be about dogs!), just for starters.

For after the dismissal bell rings

Camp has leisure time covered. After a long day of learning, crafting is the perfect way to decompress, and the Kid Made Modern supply box is filled with endless inspiration. Harry Potter fans might not even mind homework as long as Hedwig is looking over their shoulder. And you can have some fun using an Etch A Sketch to leave notes for your tweens and teens. (They won’t let on, but they’ll secretly love it.)



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