Discover Women-led and Minority-owned Producers at Ana Wine & Spirits

The new store also highlights sustainable and organic drinks.

Staff members worked through the night, placing bottle after bottle on black shelves and marble table tops, finishing with just moments to spare. Then they opened the doors on Level 1, and The Shops & Restaurants had its newest destination: Ana Wine & Spirits.

The beautiful loft space features floor-to-ceiling windows, gorgeous floral arrangements and, most important, a curated selection of offerings from women-led and minority-owned producers as well as a wide range of natural, organic and sustainable wines. General Manager David Smith, a sommelier with a reserve of global knowledge, talks here about why Hudson Yards is the perfect place to set up shop, why pizza and wine are a genius pairing, and why the holidays this year are going to be extra special.

On what the store is stocking:

Our goal is to highlight women-led and minority-owned wineries, small producers, and sustainable, organic and natural wines and liquors. Businesses in this industry used to be passed from father to son, but now it’s all more inclusive. A wider range of tastes and palates making and buying the wines means a greater variety for drinkers.

Our generous space allows us to house a large selection, which is good because with Hudson Yards drawing visitors from all over the world, we have to make sure we have something for everyone. That means including bottles from all the big wine-producing areas, from Australia and New Zealand to Greece to Argentina—a world tour, if you will.

On the benefits of opening at Hudson Yards:

Such a luxurious environment comes with an expectation: that we sell the best wines and champagnes in the world. But it also allows us access to producers that other retailers don’t have. Some of those producers are family-owned wineries that only sell 200 cases worldwide—that’s just 100 bottles of any particular vintage. Such collectible wines will appeal to those who shop at Hudson Yards, tourists and native New Yorkers alike.

On helping everyone find the perfect bottle:

We always go for the “wow,” whether you’re someone who doesn’t know anything about wine or the most finicky oenophile. Our staff includes young sommeliers and sommelières from different backgrounds, but with two things in common: they are all knowledgeable and welcoming.

On weekly tastings and special offerings:

We will be hosting many events. Tastings every Thursday and Friday night will include pizza from our sister restaurant, Ana Bar & Eatery [upstairs, on Level 2]—everyone loves this pairing. There will also be monthly invitation–only winemaker events. And we will celebrate all the relevant holidays, including “Espresso Martini Day” and “International Malbec Day.” Now it’s Purim, and we’re focusing on Israeli wines.

On a few exciting producers to know for Women’s History Month:

We’re currently featuring Curamia tequila, a women-owned, family-run distillery in Guadalajara, Mexico. It produces a very delicious—and quite successful—product. Carpineto is a brand of women-owned Italian wines, including an especially wonderful Chianti. And Carol Duval-Leroy’s eponymous champagne has earned well-deserved awards and respect in a traditionally male-dominated world. That is definitely something to celebrate.


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