The Digital Savant

Gary Vaynerchuk is the Internet’s unstoppable force, and a tenant at Hudson Yards.

VaynerMedia is a digital agency that offers a range of services and technologies meant to “blow business goals out of the water.” The company, which has been a standout performer in all corners of the digital space—from creative to e-commerce to paid media—was named one of AdAge’s A-List Standouts in 2015.

VaynerMedia is led by Gary Vaynerchuk. His digital origins trace back to Wine Library TV, an online channel of his wine tastings. The videos went viral, attracting the attention from the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Conan O’Brien, and on the shoulders of that success, VaynerMedia was born. Today, Vaynerchuk remains a media sensation – a constant presence on social media channels, highlighted by the DailyVee, a vlog that documents his life as an entrepreneur.

So why did he move his company to Hudson Yards? “If you’re a CFO, CEO, board member, decision-maker – who do you think you’re competing with? How are you going to win?” he says. “It’s a talent game, so where your office is – it’s a massive variable. There’s that campus environment, where you have a culinary aspect, the outdoor aspect, the technology aspect. This place gives you all of that.”