Clym Evernden Live Performance

Hudson Yards has previously exhibited the work of Clym Evernden. This time the artist himself will be on display

Maybe you’ve seen his hand-painted folded stories on Instagram or his brand work for the world’s top fashion companies or even his artwork on billboards and video screens right here at Hudson Yards. But though his inky style effectively expresses action—his folded story videos explicitly so—odds are you’ve never seen artist Clym Evernden actually inaction. This week is your chance. On October 2,3,4, at Hudson Yards, Evernden will be doing what he does best, live.
The award-winning artist and art director has always felt at home outside. Evernden’s go-to subject growing up in London: nature. His focus shifted to fashion, and his early commissions were in that field. But it wasn’t until he shared his work on a just-budding Instagram that his audience blew up. Evernden’s folded story “Evolution” has been viewed more than six million times.
In fact, it was on Instagram that a soon-to-open Hudson Yards first contacted him. “I’ve always felt close to New York, and to be given the chance to be so entrenched in a development that has changed the skyline has been extraordinary,” says Evernden. For the launch, he agreed to create a folded story -"#HelloHudsonYards"- and billboard, which remains on the second-floor window of The Shops and Restaurants.
The partnership makes a lot of sense. Evernden’s art has a way of capturing the essence and energy of a neighborhood, and the people in it. His other live work includes a street takeover in Seoul. “My work is very inclusive; I like being democratic,” says Evernden. “And at Hudson Yards there’s the challenge of taking something huge and making it digestible.” 
How is he going to meet that challenge this time? Well, he says the performance will not only be very public—"I really enjoy having people come up to me"–it will be about the public too. "I'll be representing in some way those who are walking by, the commuters and shoppers."  As for what that will look like exactly, you’ll just have to drop by to find out.

To see more of Clym Everden's work check out his website or follow his account @ClymDraws

Artist Clym Evernden drawing in front of vessel
Artist Clym Evernden drawing in front of vessel