HYxOffTheWall 2.0: Elle Street Art Paints a Hopeful Future

The graffiti artist speaks to the collective power of women—and better days ahead.

She began as a graffiti artist, stealthily spray painting her work on New York City’s walls. Today, Elle Street Art’s pieces hang in the world’s top galleries and museums. And, now, in Hudson Yards’ Public Square and Gardens. In her collages of females, flora and fauna, she juxtaposes classical paintings with pop culture and high fashion to deliver messages of solidarity and hope. Conceiving her new mural - the first outdoor piece for HYxOffTheWall 2.0—she knew exactly what she wanted to convey in this challenging time: “The future is bright, life is beautiful and when we come together we can do great things.” She also has thoughts about what it means to be painting now, and what she wants passersby to take away from her latest work.

On selling hope through her images:

The figures in this piece are all looking forward. They’re optimistic. One figure represents a mother and child, reaching toward the sky together. They’re looking to a brighter future.

On the collective power of women:

Typically, when I create a collage it’s with the goal of portraying women in a strong way. The imagery isn’t meant to represent any single woman, but rather all of them, because women are most powerful together. That said, my work isn’t only about all women coming together; it’s about what comes together in all women: creation, life, beauty.

On painting at Hudson Yards:

What an amazing place to get to paint my mural—right under Vessel, a place people love. When I started to make street art in New York City, it was all illegal, so the pieces were pretty tiny. It’s amazing to be invited to paint something that is 2,000 square feet. I’m stoked to be part of this project and community, and to be able to celebrate the melting-pot life of the city.


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