Urban Oasis

Poised to become the West Side’s most popular gathering place, the Public Square and Gardens is the heart of Hudson Yards, offering expansive parks, gardens, and outdoor space for residents and the public. Designed by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects, the plaza will showcase native horticulture, dramatic gardens and numerous shaded seating areas. Vessel, a monumental interactive design piece by Heatherwick Studio will be featured at the center of the space.



Most parks have trees and flowers and shade. Ours has jet engines. (And super-chilled roots, a forest of trees, and really smart soil.) That’s because Hudson Yards is an engineering marvel – a park unlike any other in New York – built for year-round enjoyment, with sustainability in mind to last the ages.

Learn more – download: Infographic: The Smartest Park in Town (PDF)