You’re Invited to Play In the Smartest Park Ever Built

Most parks have trees and flowers and shade. Ours has jet engines. (And super-chilled roots, a forest of trees, and really smart soil.) That’s because Hudson Yards is an engineering marvel – a park unlike any other in New York – built for year-round enjoyment, with sustainability in mind to last the ages.

The Public Square and Gardens will be a connection point between three city parks: The High Line, Hudson River Park and Hudson Park and Boulevard. The Shed will be a new center for artistic invention; and a new urban landmark by Heatherwick Studio will be the centerpiece of it all.

Infographic: The Smartest Park in Town (PDF)

Stepping Out

With half of Hudson Yards dedicated to open space, it’s hard to imagine leaving, but Manhattan’s West Side is worth exploring. Chelsea offers more than 350 galleries, 100 eateries and pubs, and access to the new Whitney Museum of American Art, designed by architect Renzo Piano. And if your adventure takes you further afield, this neighborhood is served by seemingly endless connections to rail, subway, roads and ferries.


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