Costas Spiliadis

Founder & Chef – Estiatorio Milos

When the very first Milos restaurant opened in Montreal in 1979, Chef Costas Spiliadis had a mission: to change people’s perceptions of Greek culture. To do that, he went fishing for the best seafood in the world, because he believed that the purest and freshest ingredients could connect us to our food and one another – transcending the global divide.

Milos is a commitment to values and to our past. At Hudson Yards, it’s also a commitment to our future.

His search brought him to New York, where he found the world’s best fish – and where he began a love affair with the city.

Four decades later Estiatorio Milos is a global gastronomic sensation, with restaurants in Montreal, London, Athens and North America. Renowned for its seafood ‘market’ and fresh take on original Greek recipes, Milos remains a welcoming venue where Chef Spiliadis continues to deliver the promise of simplicity and connection.

These same values drive development at Hudson Yards – a humble appreciation for treasured moments that make life more delicious.

We’ve been waiting for the next opportunity, and the next opportunity is Hudson Yards.