Kidding Around

Climb! Explore! Draw on the walls! Welcome to New York’s newest playground. (Okay, grownups, you can come too.)

From sweet treats to interactive adventure, take advantage of  New York’s newest playground! Here are some fun ideas that everyone in the family can enjoy. 

Scale Vessel

The coolest jungle gym anywhere is 2,500 steps of paths to explore and views to enjoy.

image of vessel
Child taking a selfie at  Vessel

Please Touch!

Leave your mark on the interactive walls of I Was Here at #HYxOfftheWall, on Level 3 of The Shops. Then treat yourself to something sweet at Dylan's Candy Bar (Level 4). 

Mom and daughter buying candy
kids using off the wall art

Get Lost

A taste for adventure leads the way at Snark Park's lost and found exhibit. A taste for ice cream leads to Van Leeuwen's (Level 3) when you emerge. 

Child at Snark Park
Van Leeweun