Healthy Eating Tips from Belcampo

How co-founder Anya Fernald thrives in colder weather, and you can too.

The sky may be gray and the wind may howl but your body and soul need not feel winter’s wrath. Quite the contrary, says Belcampo Meat Co.’s CEO Anya Fernald, who started her restaurant/butcher/experience company to put human and animal health first. Here she offers her tips for living well, no matter the temperature.

1. Drink bone broth

Anya recommends drinking it with a good amount of lemon or lime juice. "I like it right before lunch because it fills and energizes me. It has collagen protein, which soothes the gut, reduces inflammation and mitigates digestive issues like acid reflux." It’s also key to much healing in the body, from ligament injuries and dry skin. If you find the flavor too meaty, she suggests adding grated fresh ginger. Or make it into this easy soup: Peel, seed and chop a butternut squash, poach it in the broth until tender, then puree everything, adding good olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

2. Go keto for a month

The keto diet is low in carbs, particularly refined sugars and flours, and high in good quality proteins, fats and veggies. It prompts your body to use fats for fuel—a state called ketosis. "Eating this way can also help balance insulin levels and lower blood pressure and cholesterol," says Anya. "I find it pretty easy to cook keto at home by replacing bread crumbs with fresh herbs in favorites like meatloaf". Or, if you’re short on time, Belcampo offers keto-friendly menu options at the restaurant and via delivery.

3. Do more home cooking

"I’m all about restaurants—especially those that offer healthy, sustainable food—but mixing that up with home-cooked food is an important way to keep healthy. When you do cook at home, be mindful of your meat sources. Make sure it’s 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised, with third-party verification that ensures humane handling, like the kind we sell at Belcampo," recommends Anya. She attributes meat that is higher in nutrients and healthy fats to the company's open air, high-quality feed and low-stress handling techniques. "Our farms are climate positive and carbon negative. I strongly believe that animal wellness goes hand-in-hand with human wellness. It’s all connected." 


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