Snark Park

Visit the second floor of The Shops at Hudson Yards to find a “Floor of Discovery” -- where visitors will uncover emerging ideas taking incredibly new shapes. Such is the case with the Snark Park.

Snark Park is a multi-faceted exhibition space featuring immersive installations designed by Snarkitecture in addition to a retail counter comprised of custom merchandise and a Kith Treats cereal bar.

Snark Park is the brainchild of Snarkitecture founders Daniel Arsham, Ben Porto and Alex Mustonen, a New York studio whose work is centered on challenging visitors to investigate the familiar with a fresh curiosity. Their installations merge different approaches to art, design and architecture, reimagining everyday surroundings into extraordinary monochromatic concepts. The team creates unexpected and memorable moments within installations that invite people of all ages to come contemplate, explore, relax and play.

Snark Park is ever-changing; it’s never the same encounter twice. It is a must-see experience at Hudson Yards, every time you visit.

snark park lost and found image