Des Gunewardena and David Loewi

Chairman and CEO & Deputy Chairman – D&D London

Spend a little time across the pond and you’ll soon encounter the legendary hospitality of D&D London’s award-winning restaurants, bars and hotels. That’s because for the past decade, D&D has led the UK’s “restaurant revolution,” opening and managing more than 35 high-profile eateries in sought-after places.

From London to Leeds, and onto Paris, Copenhagen, Tokyo, and beyond, D&D restaurants have shaped how up-and-coming neighborhoods define food, entertainment, art and culture.

Next up? New York City.

We create environments for very talented people to flourish and be successful.

At Hudson Yards D&D will offer New Yorkers a modern brasserie restaurant concept that will be an important addition to the collection of more than a dozen unique dining experiences. And with this venture comes the opportunity to fine-tune D&D’s distinctively British sensibility for a brand new audience.

Now in the restaurant industry there’s a huge thirst for authenticity. That informs what we’re doing in London, and how we approach Hudson Yards.

As a design driven company, D&D invests heavily in creating extraordinary environments, and their properties have been recognized as the most beautiful restaurants in the world. Amid this atmosphere the company balances great food, energy and personnel to meet and exceed the public’s expectations.

What’s more, Des Gunewardena and David Loewi are inspired to discover what’s new in places near and far. Their passion is to try different restaurant concepts, and getting to know the attitudes, preferences and tastes of people in cities across the globe.

We’re very excited about working in New York. Like London, the bar is set high – with new trends coming from so many different cultures. It’s so exciting to be part of that.

Theirs is a healthy obsession, and it’s a perfect fit for Hudson Yards.